Beşiktaş, who found the goal with a great offensive organization, scored 3 points after displaying a scattered image throughout the match. Beşiktaş side management’s failure to give Lajiç the time it deserves negatively affects Kartal’s offensive performance.

Beşiktaş, who made his first game in his own field this season, could not produce more than 1 goal, his opponent with legs close to the goal. It was inevitable to catch Antalyaspor.

Kartal is playing slow

Beşiktaş has two big problems. The first is that he could not hit the attack very quickly, the second is his messy appearance. The first problem was also valid during the Hunter period last year. After Abdullah Avcı went and Sergen Yalçın came, Beşiktaş started to attack much faster. This understanding of the game took Kartal to the third place in the league. However, Beşiktaş is showing an image that has lost this feature again.

One of the reasons why Kartal has not been able to attack very fast as of the beginning of the season is that the new names joining the team are not yet used to each other. Besiktas, whose midfield is scattered, is unable to attack massively. Fast rushes are mostly a matter of individual efforts of the players. Boyd comes first among these names. The USA was among the best of Beşiktaş tonight after the Trabzon match…

Messy Beşiktaş

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Another problem of Beşiktaş is its messy football. It is not clear who played what where. The fact that there are 5 new names (N’Sakala, Wellinton, Mensah, Hasic, Larin) in the top 11 of the team may be a reason for the messy football, but this negativity is mostly due to the lack of names to play the team. At this point, it seems that the responsibility has been given to one of the newest Mensah. However, it is a fact that the Ghanaian does not have the intelligence and skill to play the team. One or two spectacular passes he throws should not deceive anyone…

Lajic can only be the name that will speed up Beşiktaş’s attacks and eliminate the mess of the game. However, after the Trabzonspor match, the Serbian star did not get the time he desired in the Antalyaspor match. Lajic had the opportunity to play 10 minutes in the Trabzonspor match and 20 minutes in the match tonight. If Sergen Hodja continues to use his most talented name in this way, he will have prepared his own ending.

Pity for Güven

Another name like Lajic was spent. Confidence. I don’t understand why Sergen Hodja is so persistent in Larin. Yes, the Canadian striker may have scored a goal in tonight’s match, but the opponent poses no threat to the defense in the entire match. He’s a soft actress. With this feature, he is never a player who will become Beşiktaş’s center-forward. How can Sergen Hodja not see this reality?


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