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Beşiktaşyönetim gives great importance to Gençlerbirliği match. President Ahmet Nur Çebi believes that his team will be reborn with the victory to be taken from today’s struggle. Çebi spent most of his work this week in the facilities to give morale to the team and the technical delegation.

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Beşiktaş President held a meeting yesterday with the coach Sergen Yalçın and the players and conveyed their support. Çebi also met with the new transfer Rosier and said “Welcome”.

Another shift of Ahmet Nur Çebi is the transfer… The management is trying to determine who will stay with the team until tomorrow when the transfer period ends. Çebi and his staff, who are fighting to reduce the cost of the staff, continue to seek teams for high-paid players.

The black and white management, which plans to make a star transfer, wants to make its fans happy with a last-minute surprise if it can make room in the foreign quota.


Rosier: It’s a crazy feeling to be here


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