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Trabzonspor President Ahmet Ağaoğlu made statements to the press about the transfer. Mayor Ağaoğlu stated that they have reached a great deal with Djaniny Semedo and said, “Unless there is a setback in the forward line, Semedo is in Trabzon. I would also be in Trabzon to sign the contract. I handed it over to our vice president and I came here. I said it would result in 36 hours. We have a 24-hour process ahead of us. Within 24 hours, the stopper transfer will be concluded in line with our demands. Who come to Turkey, do not talk about the players on the plane ride. We are paying a heavy price for it. It would not be correct to mention a name. As for Turkey we will see that with who came, “he said.

President Agaoglu, the German team who transferred to RB Leipzig Alexander Sørloth related posed the question gave the following response:

” Sörloth’l Champions after taking League builds I spoke, I said you love Istanbul. He said that another opportunity has arisen for me to come to Istanbul. We talk to him constantly. My biggest wish is to go further. He is a football player with talent, capacity and professionalism. Sörloth is a player we hired, developed and sent to one of Europe’s debut clubs in recent years as he was about to go to the Championship. The fact that they called our club many times today until the president of Leipzig, Tottenham and Crystal Palace and that Sörloth’s progress was seriously followed by the big teams and leagues of Europe added value to Trabzonspor’s brand value. There are those who want to interpret this in an extraordinary way and make it a criticism. Trabzonspor club is on the right track, its economy is built on solid foundations. It reduced its debt of 185 million Euros to 90-95 million Euros. The team has been fighting for the summit for two years and will continue to do so. ”

Underlining that there are those who support the external troubles from within the community, Ağaoğlu completed his explanation with the following statements: No matter how much you transfer, no matter how much you make your squad stronger, it doesn’t make much sense. Trabzonspor is the team that has become the symbol of the struggle against injustice. Nobody should doubt that we will continue the struggle in the same way. There is a saying that the wolf loves the misty air. The misty weather is the air of wolves, but the jackals who seek their blessings especially after clouding this air should not get enthusiastic. People who are trying to give a premium to the troubles we have experienced outside, those who have an extraordinary attitude towards the management, the team and even the players should know that we are aware of everything and we are at least as smart as they are. Let them consider and analyze in a healthy way with whom they cooperate. Trabzonspor neither forgets the sacrifice made to him, nor forgets the betrayal. ”


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