90 + 5 ‘Bedirhan made the middle. Header ball out of Ibrahim. Canberk cited his pass. Ömer Çiçek bought it. He vented to the left wing. Bilal greeted. The middle of Canberk is towards the penalty area. And the referee blows the final whistle.
90 + 4 ‘Hasan Ulaş is in the game, Talha is in Eskişehirspor. Berkay on the left wing. The scholar is turning back. Bedirhan is on the ground. Ryan is committing a foul. Bedirhan is behind the ball.
90 + 2 ‘Ball comes out of Bilal. Aut. Melih energized the game again. Rust from Sezgin. To Mehmet Özcan. Donkor greets. Mehmet, İbrahim turned to the right wing. The scholar is inside. The offside flag is in the air.
90 + 1 ‘Omar lost the ball. Now Hamed thought of Talha but a tough ball for Talha. Karacic pushes the ball away. The ball is in Adanaspor. Alimi took the ball. He shoots the scholar. The ball bounces off the goalkeeper. Ibrahim pulls off Ryan’s jersey. The yellow card is for İbrahim Öner.
Canberk interrupted. Omar is running. He looked into the penalty area. The decision is aut! Melih is using the goal kick. Donkor is staying on the ground. The decision is a foul.
88 ‘From Hamed to Abraham, Hamed is coming quickly. Hamed struggles with Canberk. Hamed shoots. The ball is out. Aut!
87 ‘Omer plays long Sezgin does not make a mistake and the crown. Muhammet is leaving the game In Eskişehirspor, Hamed is entering the game.
86 ‘Bilal took the throw-in after his treatment. İbrahim, Bedirhan is running. Tevfik is close to the ball, staying on the ground. Foul.
85 ‘İbrahim Öner, Alimi, lost the ball. Raised Furkan Şeker. Ömer Çiçek curved ball. Goalkeeper Melih took the ball. Talha is having a cramping problem on the ground.
83 ‘Donkor raised the ball to the penalty area. Goalkeeper Melih. Melih immediately launched the game. They blocked Bedirhan immediately. Crown Eskişehirspor. Uğurcan comes out in Adanaspor, Umut joins the game. Roni is dating too, Ryan is involved in the game.
81 ‘Roni used. Defense meets the middle. Bedirhan met him. Crown Adanaspor. Furkan Şeker used it. The ball is dropped on the crown. Muhammet is still holding his face. Medical teams are on the field.
80 ‘Uğurcan could not get out, but the attack continues. Jalil shoots and greeted the scholar. Mehmet is on the ground. Celil is also playing on the ground. Omar took the ball on the right wing. He did the middle. It hits Muhammet’s head. Muhammet is injured. Adanaspor will use a corner.
79 ‘Ozan is coming fast. Melih came out of the castle. Risky move. The castle is empty. The ball is being banished. Kıvanç is on the ground. İbrahim Halil Öner enters the game, Onur comes out in Eskişehirspor. Instead of Kıvanç, Sunday Alimi is included in the game.
78 ‘Kıvanç in the penalty area. Bedirhan cannot get out. Bedirhan is on the ground. Uğurcan took the ball. The ball comes out of Ozan. Crown.
77 ‘Furkan Şeker is on the right wing. Omar is back, but the ball goes to the crown.
75 ‘Uğurcan’s passing error. Honor intervenes. Berkay sent it. Berkay is inside. He could not translate. The ball is being banned. Omar get out

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