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In the 3rd week of the Super League, Fenerbahçe drew 0-0 on the road with Galatasaray, and coach Erol Bulut made evaluations at the end of the match. We did everything to win. We entered the goal position well enough. The opponent also has several positions. It was a good game in general. The newcomers have performed well, but they are not 100 percent off what we want. I am satisfied with today’s performance. We are in search there. Who is better at the wing, who is better at the center… Samatta joined us. He will take his place in the forward. Who can we play to the right, to the left, to what is better, we are working. Unfortunately, the camp period has passed for 1 month. We did not have all the players. We are missing there, we are coming from behind. Galatasaray, together with last year, used the expressions. We will return better. The 11 in my mind are slowly taking shape, slowly ”commented.

The good successful stopper Marcel Tisserand told the broadcaster after the Galatasaray game:

“ I am very happy to be playing with the team from the beginning. I have been waiting for a long time today to play with the team. That day was today. We could have won today, there were positions we could win, but unfortunately we lost two points. Still, I am happy with the struggle of the team. “

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Luiz Gustavo, who made evaluations to the broadcaster after the Galatasaray game, said,“ We ​​have played three matches so far. There are many games ahead. A long road awaits us. All players will improve further. Too many new players came this year. We have a new teacher. We are working on a new philosophy. We all try to adapt in this process. Everything will be easier when our teacher finds the ideal 11. We need to continue the hard work. It meant to us. We wanted to get 3 points and come back. We were very concentrated. We were concentrated from the first second to the last. We couldn’t get our reward from here. We know the importance of the club for the fans. We know the importance of the league for the club. We try to give our best. Of course we are aware of this. Match match, looking at one by one. We will be getting better. There are also very experienced players in Galatasaray. We were the side that played better. We made the opponent accept the game. I think we would feel that we wanted more. Unfortunately, we could not return here with 3 points. But on the positive side, there is a good situation for team play and individually. I think this is valuable for the championship. ”


MATCH RESULT | Galatasaray 0-0 Fenerbahçe (Super League 3rd week)


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