Trabzonspor players, who spent their quarantine days at home due to the coronavirus, started to challenge each other with the meals they made in the kitchens while taking a break from the passes they gave to each other on the field.

While Hüseyin Türkmen, the defender of the team, showed his skills in the kitchen of his home, he threw the kitchen pass to his teammate Doğan Erdoğan. Doğan, on the other hand, challenged his teammate goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır by sautéing meat in his home. Uğurcan, who accepted the challenge of Doğan Erdoğan, entered the kitchen with his wife Kübra Çakır and sautéed meat. The successful goalkeeper, who stated that they had to wash all the food they bought from the market while they were preparing the food supplies, also recommended marriage to his friends who were single in the team.

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After finishing the cooking, the successful goalkeeper, who took the pickle made by his mother, took the pass from Doğan Erdoğan by the team. scorer scored to Alexander Sörloth. Uğurcan Çakır challenged Sörloth by saying “We want to see his skills that are not like Alex scoring goals”.

Source: İHA

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