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In the 4th week of the Super League, Fenerbahçe defeated Fatih Karagümrük 2-1 at his home. Coach Erol Bulut said, “We played a good match until the first penalty,” he said. When we look at the general picture, there were new arrivals, the adaptation period and new transfers. It is not easy for these players to get used to it quickly in 1-2 weeks. One week someone comes, two weeks later a new transfer arrives and we have to show all the training from the beginning. It will be good for us between the national match. There will be a better program of working with those who are missing. We will let him watch a better Fenerbahçe after the national match. ”

Commenting on the second penalty won by Karagümrük, Bulut said,“ It was the second penalty that the opponent won. I think there is no penalty. Because before that, there was a foul against Cisse. The rival prevented him from going out with his head. The penalty position is correct, but there was a foul before. ”

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Answering the question about the substitutions, Bulut said,“ There is no issue just because the opponent came upon us because we put Ozan or Mert Hakan into the game. Everyone has to act together in the system I play. We experienced them when we made individual mistakes while acting together ”.


MATCH RESULT | Fenerbahce 2-1 Karagümrük | When you work with a thrower in Fenerbahce …

Stating that the mistakes are in football, Erol Bulut said, “We will fix everything by working. We will concentrate more on everything when the Monday transfer peridot is over. Unfortunately, these are the minds of football players. After October 5th, we will have a better Fenerbahçe view. The coming weeks will get even better. Let it be the running tracks, the process of adaptation with friends. The quality of Altay is obvious. Turkey’s best goalkeeper in the first or second. It will put on. He saved 3 points by saving the second penalty ”.


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