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In the Champions League, Europe’s number one organization, Lyon made its name to the semi-finals years later by making history.

Lyon’s rival in the semifinals on August 19th was German giant Bayern Munich. Marcelo told Fanatik that they would eliminate Bayern Munich.


Brazilian football player, “Our goal is to reach the final. If you are already in the Champions League, you shouldn’t think about anything other than the final. I always thought of the biggest in my goals and dreams. Because then I believe that these will be possible in life. As a matter of fact, it has been like this until now. We will play against a very difficult opponent in the semifinals, but we are also in the Champions League and we believe we will succeed. ” said.


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Speaking about Beşiktaş, Marcelo said, “I would like to thank Beşiktaş fans for their support. Many messages have been sent to me on social media. I got countless messages on my phone too. I cannot answer all of them, but I really thank you. I hope I will do my best on their behalf and they will continue to be proud of me. I do not want to go into transfer issues right now. I’m just focused on the game. ” used the expressions.


On the other hand, after being reminded that their partners in Lyon are Super League background, the experienced center back said, We play really well together. I played in Marçal, Gaziantep, Denayer in Galatasaray, and I played in Beşiktaş. In fact, this shows the quality of the Super League. 3 players have played in Turkey will now play in the Champions League semi-finals. I think one should be proud of this. Denayer and Marçal are very good players and have different styles. We get along very well with each other both on and off the court. I hope we continue this form. ” spoke.


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