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Coach Riza Çalımbay made statements to the official website of the club. Çalımbay talked about both the group in the UEFA Europa League and the referee mistakes.

They matched in the UEFA Europa League I Group; Commenting on Villarreal, Qarabağ and M. Tel-Aviv, Çalımbay said, “First of all, good luck. Looking at other groups, they say our group is weaker. There is no such thing. All of the teams here are very strong teams. There are also teams from the Champions League. All of our matches will be difficult. Both will give a great fight for both Turkey for ourselves. Turkey needs the points. We also know that. We are confident in ourselves. We made our staff accordingly. We will come out of these groups in the best way if we do not suffer from injury or other problems. I’m sure of that. ”


Sivasspor’s rivals in the Europa League became clear

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Stating that they are a new team, Çalımbay said, “This time has been perfect for us. This time has been a good time for our disabled friends to recover and our friends who have adaptation problems to adapt. When these friends are ready, we will be a better team. We will try to get out of this group. The teams in our group are good teams. Maccabi Tel Aviv is a good team. He always plays for the championship. We will play with strong teams. We are aware of this. We will try to do the best. I do not understand. We have a penalty position in the match. 100 percent penalty. They don’t go to VAR, it appears on TV. Unfortunately, none of them go to VAR. Our points are going, if we score that goal, maybe we will win the match. After that, we are experiencing such troubled things. First of all, we need to figure this out. Sivasspor needs to have a good lobby now. He has to show his reaction to such injustices. If it is not shown, we will have such problems. The fans are upset. We are upset. Management is upset, everyone is upset. The thing I worry the most is nobody goes out and says anything. Nobody talks, I feel sorry for this the most. We need to go well in our league and in Europe. Let them not do such injustice to us. You treat all teams the same. Let them spare time for us, as they talk for hours for other teams. If they put the VAR there, let them show the smallest position. There is an idea to start the week with supporters, we will be very pleased if it happens. We will do good work together with our fans, ”he said.


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