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After fighting in the 3rd Preliminary Round of the UEFA Europa League, the Portuguese team was eliminated from Rio Ave with penalties, and the Technical Officer Murat Şahin spoke at the press conference held after the match.

Şahin started his words by evaluating the fight, “We were eliminated by penalties and we are very sorry as the loser of the round. It was a tour we wanted to go through, and I think it was an easy tour we could go through.

We have positions that will take the match in many different directions. On the other hand, we gave a position in 85 and scored. It is necessary to score 2, 3 in such matches. When the match is up to penalties, you have 50 chances. We got an unexpected defeat. ” used expressions.


Speaking about the comments that Beşiktaş is rotating before the match, Murat Şahin said, “When you look at our squad, who you say will not play. We played Güven, who has played quite well so far. We played Adem Ljajic, Dorukhan, Boyd, Lens.

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We did not rotate. These 11 can always play in this team. There were names that we could not use necessarily. When you are defeated, everything is discussed. When we recruited this staff today, we did not think of rotation. This squad also played well and we had many positions.

There were 3 clear positions in the first half. We had 2 clear positions after beating the goal. There will be discussions when we are defeated. There is nothing to do. We have to look ahead. Of course we wouldn’t want to be eliminated. We have a big team and big goals.

We want to be in every category. We haven’t been able to do that for this year, the scores show that. We will look at what happened after we do this ” said. Speaking about the new transfers Josef de Souza and Aboubakar, Murat Şahin said: “Josef is currently training, but there is no paperwork. He has the capacity to play for half an hour now.

Whenever the license is released we will then take it to the staff. He has been training for about 10 days. Gökhan Töre’s license was trained and we played it. We will look at Aboubakar’s latest situation, talk to him and try to prepare it as soon as possible. After Konyaspor and Gençlerbirliği game, there is a national break and we will pass by. After doing this, everyone will be ready. ” He finished his words.


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