News of Eskişehirspor : Starting his speech with the 1-0 defeat of Ankaraspor in the first week of the TFF 1st League, Eskişehirspor coach Mustafa Özer said, “We lost an unexpected defeat against Ankaraspor. When we look at the game in general, we have at least 5 100% goal positions. Except for the goal that was defeated by the fixed ball and the few positions we gave after taking the risk for the last 15-20 minutes, we showed a good football section by section ”.
Pointing out that they will try to get 3 points by compensating Ankaraspor’s defeat against Adanaspor, Özer said, “It is a fact that we have had difficulties in the third region since we took office, but we are trying to deal with them within the team. As soon as we played a match, we explained our pros and cons to our players in our analysis. In the light of these data, he said, we will be on the field to make up against Adanaspor last week and get 3 points. “ We will feel the fire of the fans”
Pointing out the support of the fans in their hearts, Özer said, “We will play a home game without our fans due to COVID-19. Maybe they won’t be with us, but they are in our hearts, we will feel their fire inside us. We will fight until the last drop of our sweat, regardless of the circumstances, without making excuses. I work with a characterful and decent group of football players who do not leave the Eskişehirspor ship, I stand behind them to the end. I believe and trust all my players ”.

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