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Fenerbahçe, the most active team of the transfer season, brought Diego Perotti, one of the Italian Serie A teams, to Istanbul. The 32-year-old Argentinian football player, with whom Fenerbahçe has reached an agreement on every issue, is expected to sign the yellow-blue club after health checks.

Fenerbahçe Club also announced that Perotti came to Istanbul in a post on his official Twitter account. In the post, “Our club has started negotiations with Diego Perotti. The actor came to Istanbul today within the scope of negotiations, health checks and furthering the transfer processes. We present it to the knowledge of our community and the public. ”

Here is Fenerbahçe’s sharing:

Our club has started talks with Diego Perotti. The actor came to Istanbul today within the scope of interviews, health checks and advancing the transfer processes.

We present to the information of our community and the public.

— Fenerbahçe SK (@Fenerbahce) October 3, 2020

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It has been learned that Perotti, who will be Fenerbahçe’s 16th transfer this season, will be included in the squad with the bonservice. It is not clear how much the yellow-blue club will pay for the transfer to Rome.

Before Perotti, Marcel Tisserand, Nazım Sangare, Mauricio Lemos, Mame Thiam, Papiss Cisse, Sinan Gümüş, Jose Sosa, Filip He transferred Novak, Gökhan Gönül, Enner Valencia, Caner Erkin, Mert Hakan Yandaş, Mbwana Samatta, İsmail Yüksek and Barış Sungur.

Diego Perotti, known for not changing teams much, has been wearing the Roma uniform for 5 years. Perotti has a team history of 6 years in Sevilla and 2 years in Genoa before Rome.

The Argentine footballer, who has not been able to achieve his consistency in changing teams on the field recently, sweated the Roma form 26 times last season, and stayed on the field for 1131 minutes. Perotti played an average of 43 minutes.

Perotti, who wore the Roma uniform 138 times in total, scored 32 goals and 26 assists. The Argentine winger played a total of 395 matches in his career. Perotti had 56 goals and 58 assists in these games. The 32-year-old football player also took part in the Argentina National Team 5 times.


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