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Ankaragücü, who lost 1-0 to Kayserispor in the 4th week of the Super League, made statements after the match process. “Both teams started the match in balance. We could not play the game we wanted for the first 25 minutes. We have not fully appreciated their weaknesses either. We could not play by changing the direction of the game enough. Despite these, we were the ones who entered net positions in the first half. When the opponent was unexpected, he found the goal and fell behind. I think we turned the game in our favor with the changes we made in the second half. We could not evaluate the many net positions we have entered. We were defeated in the match that we would be sorry for the tie. It is gratifying that we have entered a large number of positions. Although we play at home, it is unacceptable for my players to play this softly from time to time. On the other hand, Paintsil has now gone to the hospital and again there is no card. These are also sad developments for us. Finally, you’ll be delighted when it prevails. But he also has a way procedure. Until now I knew that selfies were taken in the locker room. But it was the first time I saw it pulled in the midfield of the stadium. Frankly, I did not fit our opponent. Being happy is their most natural right. But I can say that I find the style and place strange, ”he concluded his explanation by saying.


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