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Transfer negotiations take place between the two arch-clubs on the last day of the transfer in the Super League. Beşiktaş is looking for an agreement for Fenerbahçe’s national stopper Serdar Aziz.

Serdar, who has not been recruited for the last 2 weeks and has a contract for two more years, presented his conditions to go to Beşiktaş. While the player wants to receive 6 million TL, he also wants to sign black and white people without discounting his annual fee of 11.9 million TL this season.

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Besiktas, stuck in the spending limit, will not pay the wage of the national football player, so Serdar Aziz will pay the salary of the two clubs together. wanted. It was learned that Beşiktaş Vice-President Emre Kocadağ and Emre Belözoğlu from Fenerbahçe were in a meeting.

While Serdar Aziz played only one game with Fenerbahçe this season, he scored 4 goals in 23 games last season.

While trying to make room, he suggested Garry Rodrigues, whom coach Erol Bulut did not give a chance, to Beşiktaş.


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