Eskişehirspor news
Eskişehirspor – Adanaspor will face each other in the second week of TFF 1st League. Eskişehirspor will host Adanaspor in its own home. Eskişehirspor had a very tight preparation period for the game it will play today. Eskişehirspor, which has established all its plans on victory, aims to leave the field with 3 points. Rival Adanaspor, on the other hand, drew attention with his transfers and started the season with morale by overthrowing Istanbulspor in the first week.
Eskişehirspor and Adanaspor will be on the 37th appointment today. While Eskişehirspor managed to win in 13 games against its rival in the matches played so far, Adanaspor left the field with 14 games. In 9 matches played between the two teams, the two teams left the field with 1 point. Eskişehirspor has won only 1 victory in the last 5 games against Adanaspor, but left 3 games with a loss.
When is Eskişehirspor match, what time is it?
Eskişehirspor will meet Adanaspor this evening (18.09.2020) at 19:00. Eskişehir Yeni Atatürk Stadium will host the fight.

Eskişehirspor match on which channel? No password?
Eskişehirspor – Adanaspor match, which will start at 19:00 on Friday, September 18, will be broadcast live and without password on TRT screens.

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Who will manage Eskişehirspor match?
Çağdaş Altay will play in Eskişehirspor-Adanaspor match, which will be played in the second week of TFF 1st League. Murat Altan, Mehmet Emin Tuğral and Serdar Akkoçoğlu will be the assistants of the referee, Çağdaş Altay, which will start at 19.00. Adana is in a good mood
Adanaspor, which Eskişehirspor will host today, came to Eskişehir with morale. Hosted Istanbulspor in the first week of the league, the Orange-White team had the happiness of starting the season with 3 points by beating their opponent 1-0. Adanaspor, which reaches 3 points under the leadership of its new coach Fatih Akyel, plans to return from Eskişehir with points or points.

Özer wants to win
Eskişehirspor Coach Mustafa Özer made a statement before the Adanaspor match, which will be played today. Saying that they do not think of anything other than winning, Özer said that they wanted to leave the field with a victory and make the community smile. Özer was the target of criticism arrows in the community as soon as Ankaraspor was defeated.

We are after remedy
Eskişehirspor, which started the league with the defeat of Ankaraspor, had a great disappointment to its fans. Es Es, who displayed a mediocre performance against his opponent, made a bad start by defeating Ankaraspor, who was more inexperienced than him, with a single goal. Black red

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