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Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi addressed the community and fans in the October issue of Beşiktaş Magazine.

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Saying that they have left two months behind, Çebi said, “We carried out two large campaign publications in August and September. As always, you carried the “Don’t Let Me Go” campaign to the top with your endless contribution. I would like to state that we are grateful on behalf of the Beşiktaş community for your great interest in this troubled period. Now it’s time to focus on success all together. In these difficult six months, many institutions experienced economic difficulties. On the other hand, we signed a sponsorship agreement with many important brands before the new season and provided financial support to our club. I would like to express my gratitude to our sponsors, who have not withheld their support for our club during such troubled months. we had to We could not ignore even the slightest possibility that might be beneficial for Beşiktaş due to the limit circle surrounding us. The thought of not wasting a single penny of the club while making our transfers was the dominant thought in our minds. Finally, we worked in harmony with our esteemed Sergen Yalçın teacher and prepared our football team for the new season. Our team will of course have points to lose in this process. But we have to take into account that this season the league will be even longer and the players need time to adjust to this rhythm again. At the end of the day, I have no doubt that we will do our best and we will reach the sunny days, so you shouldn’t have either. “It has been essential for the economy of our club to increase the amount of footballers we will remove from the infrastructure and benefit from their sales. In this direction, we have entrusted the Beşiktaş Football Academy to our esteemed teacher Mehmet Ekşi to the competent person of this work. We will raise our future under the auspices of our past. I believe that this investment will shed light on Beşiktaş’s future in the long run. In these days when we cannot feel your support physically, we need to know that you are with us spiritually. As long as the union is, success will be inevitable. ”


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