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Fenerbahçe community is locked in today’s Fatih Karagümrük match. The final version of the squad, renewed in three seasons, will be unveiled. Coach Erol Bulut will drive the eleven ideal in his hand. This staff; It will not change as much as possible, except for injuries, suspensions or mini rotations.

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The names of Bulut, who finalized the castle, defense line and midfield setup in Galatasaray derby, will be Valencia and Thiam. The new transfer Samatta will be on the field for the first time at eleven. The performance of the Tanzanian striker, which is eye-catching in training and has been observed to overcome the adaptation process, will be decisive for Fenerbahçe.

Erol Bulut has alternative players for each region. In the number 10 position, Sosa and Mert Hakan will play alternately. Even if the roads are separated with Rodrigues and Dirar, who are not considered in the squad, there are quality players that can fill the deficiencies in the castle, defense line, midfield and forward.

IDEAL 11: Altay, Gökhan, Lemos, Tisserand, Caner, Luiz Gustavo, Ozan, Sosa, Valencia , Thiam, Samatta

RESERVES: Harun, Nazım, Zanka, Serdar (Sadık), Novak, Tolga, Mert Hakan, Ferdi, Deniz (Sinan), Cisse


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