Transfer of 1 million 750 thousand TL from Altınordu to Göztepe, right-back Kerim Alı’s enthusiasm remained in his crop. The buyer was hired to Beypiliç Boluspor on the last day of the transfer and returned to the lower league again.

06.10.2020, 12:35
Update Date: 06.10.2020,12: 36

The enthusiasm of right-back Kerim Buyer, who was transferred from Altınordu, one of the TFF 1st League teams, to Göztepe for TL 1 million 750 thousand, remained in his crop. The 23-year-old player who dreamed of the Super League was rented to Beypiliç Boluspor on the last day of the transfer and returned to the lower league again. Kerim, who has been a professional football player in Izmir since 2014, changed both clubs and cities every 4 days, and wore the Göztepe uniform for taking pictures at the signing ceremony.
It is reported that the Göztepe technical team will closely follow Kerim’s development throughout the year. It was reported that the Senegalese right-back Lamine Gassama, who was not given a chance in the matches this season in Göztepe, was put on the sales list, and the player did not meet with any club. It was emphasized that with Gassama remaining in the team, the management, who had 3 right-backs in the current squad, had to lease Kerim to Bolu to play. At the beginning of the season for Kerim, Beşiktaş stepped in and signed a 2 + 1 year contract with Göz-Göz player, who agreed with Altınordu management.

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