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Trabzonspor coach Eddie Newton spoke at the press conference as soon as they played the New Malatyaspor match, which they won 3-1. The English coach stated that they showed a good game especially in the first half and said, “We turned the ball well, we went well to the opponent half area. Things got a little harder in the second half. Especially Sefa, Plaza, Ahmet Canbaz, who entered the game as soon as they made changes, added great energy to us. They have helped the team very well. We can make the necessary evaluations and make evaluations with the health team. The player has a problem in the groin area, but it will be clear after the checks to be made. People in extraordinary style that must end first. Afobe has a much more extraordinary style than Sörloth. The first match was really tough for him. He had just joined us, we had to play a match 48 hours later. It was not very easy, but we can see that in today’s game he adapted more and got to know his friends more. Sörloth had a great season. Our expectation from Afobe this season is to help the team. Judging by the position he played, he must score a goal to help the team. However, if he helps the team, it means he’s done his job. “Again, as in two weeks from now, the first positions that came to our post were goals. We score easy goals, then find it difficult to put up resistance. It was such a match again. In the middle fight until the first goal. But in the first ball that came, we got the goal without removing it with a lack of concentration. Two goals quickly conquered. We made moves to see if we can flip after 3-0, can we win other matches if we lose this match. We gave some players a chance and had the opportunity to see them. We fought well. It would have been extraordinary if the match watched 0-0. There are things that give hope, but we have many shortcomings. We need to collect them as soon as possible and reflect them to the result. Our transfer work continues. We have a few shortcomings, we can give a better view if we complete them. I congratulate Trabzonspor on the win ”he said.


MATCH RESULT | Trabzonspor Yeni Malatyaspor 3-1 | Super League 3rd week


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