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Time could pass
In his honored interview, he said; “I transferred to Beşiktaş at the age of 19. It was like I went directly to Beşiktaş when I was an amateur one year ago. He accelerated that process. Maybe that period could have been slower. I had an injury in my first year in Beşiktaş and could not play. I started taking time the next year, but injuries affected a lot. Then we went through a match-fixing process, which impressed me very much. Because my teacher was Tayfur Havutçu. The place I wanted to go was Eskişehirspor and I told my manager that I did not want to go anywhere other than Eskişehir. The coach of Eskişehirspor was also Bülent Uygun. It was shocking to see the people I talked to face to face the day before, handcuffed the next day. There was nothing he could do. In general, at that time, I had a hard time finding a person I could consult with and whom I could trust. Wrong directions and wrong choices affected my not being able to stay in Beşiktaş. ” Training is a must for the player
“It is always said, Cem Yılmaz also jokes, but education is really necessary. Because Istanbul is an extraordinary place, an extraordinary environment. It’s not just Istanbul, the Super League level is an extraordinary place. Now, a boy who is grown up from an amateur is stunned when he reaches that level if he does not get this knowledge and knowledge in his time. Eskisehir is a cosmopolitan city. There are people in all ways. You can develop that way, but it can also be a footballer who does not enter these environments. In fact, this football player also ends up somewhere. You will benefit if you take the time to improve yourself. You have to develop not only as football, but as a head. In this way, you can be prepared for the obstacles you will encounter in the future and overcome them. This is something that will happen with education. ” There is no city that owns this way
“It is a privilege to play football in Eskişehir. Not just for me. All footballers think so. Conditions are currently unfavorable here. There are financial difficulties. There is insecurity whether these can or cannot be fully overcome, but still people are eager to come here. This is truly a football city. Playing here is unusual in that respect. Since people are a little more educated, you can get along more easily in terms of football. You can speak at a higher level. This makes us happy as a football player. I think it’s unusual to be here. I played in other teams, but there is no other city that owns this many teams. ” We want to stay in the league
We want to stay in the league. The situation of the team is obvious. We have a transfer ban and there may be penalties for deleting points at any time. It stands between the lips of two people, and it is something that strains people, the community. We are in the league too

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