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Beşiktaş is looking for a right-wait punctuation for the summer transfer period, which will end on October 4, as well as the center.

Black-and-whites, who previously considered DeAndre Yedlin for this region, are in line with the request of Coach Sergen Yalçın. The executives are trying to reduce the annual cost of the 24-year-old footballer to 1 million Euros, for whom the club continues to negotiate with Sporting Lisbon to hire.

The transfer is expected to be cleared within 1-2 days.

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Mali Beşiktaş, who had difficulty in strengthening its staff due to troubles and transfer spending limit, nevertheless opened the mouth for Nikola Kalinic.

Black-and-whites offered the 32-year-old striker, with whom he had been negotiating for a long time, 3 million Euros annually with bonuses. while demanding this figure as a guaranteed salary, he insisted on his request for a 3-year contract. Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi wants to relieve the reaction of the fans with the Kalinic transfer after the 4-1 defeat in the league against Konyaspor.

The administration that allowed Burak Yılmaz to go to Lille due to the high cost of 2.5 million Euros, however, for the Croatian football player this figure had to exceed 500 thousand Euros.

It was reported that Çebi said to his close circle, “This transfer will definitely happen.”


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