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Compiled by: Ümit Genç | While counting the biggest names in football history, we still haven’t determined where to put Cristiano Ronaldo… Because the living legend continues to shatter all records. When he says, “What else is left?”, He surely finds something that cannot be achieved again…

Having spent the 19th season of his magnificent career in Juventus, the Portuguese player again exceeded the 30 threshold with the goals he scored against Rome last night.
The 35-year-old star player shook the networks for the 30th time in 2020 and scored 30 or more goals for 14 consecutive years. record further developed. Ronaldo, one of the undisputed biggest names in the green fields, made history as the first player to score 450 goals in Europe’s five major leagues.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not pass the Roman networks empty yesterday, is the best in 2020 with 30 goals in all courses. became a goal scorer. Ronaldo is followed by Bayern star Robert Lewandowski with 26 goals.

On the list of top scorers in world football history, Ronaldo, who will turn 80 this year, is step by step closer to the Brazilian legend Pele, and Ronaldo needs only 15 goals to settle on the top. . It is now considered certain that Ronaldo, who has scored 742 goals, will catch Pele (757), the all-time record holder. The estimated time to break this record is shown as February 2021, depending on the Portuguese scoring period.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, who defeated Sweden 2-0 in the UEFA League of Nations in the past days, scored 2 goals at once in Portugal. Ali Dae, who scored 109 goals in 149 games with the Iranian National Team between 1993 and 2006, is the national football player who scored the highest number of goals in the international arena.

165 for Portugal Scoring 101 goals in the match and 0.61 goals per game, Ronaldo will be placed first on the list if he scores another 9 goals in his national team career.

Star football player Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in the history of sports. The hugely successful striker won it all, both professionally and personally, and has had a number of trophies throughout his career. Turning 35 this year, Ronaldo continues to raise the bar in his club and national team career. Here are some of Ronaldo’s records:

UEFA club competition goals: 131

UEFA Champions League goals: 129

Most goals in the UEFA Champions League season: 17 (2013/14)

UEFA Champions League final wins: 5

3 The only player to score in the UEFA Champions League final

The only player to score in all six matches in the UEFA Champions League group

The only player to score in 11 straight UEFA Champions League matches

UEFA Champions League ‘ Only player to score 10 goals in a single club: vs Juventus

Most goals scored Real Madrid player: 450

Most goals in European Championship and European World Cup qualifiers: 61

UEFA Club Footballer / Best Player / Men’s Player Awards: 4

Most UEFA.com users’ Team of the Year games: 14 (2004, 2007–2019)


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