Eskişehirspor left with a 6-0 defeat in TFF 1st League 3rd week match against Altay. With this result, Altay increased its score to 4, while Eskişehirspor remained at 1 point. MATCH RESULT: Altay: 6 – Eskişehirspor: 0
90 ‘Eskişehirspor lost to Altay in İzmir with a score of 6-0
90 ‘The match is over. YELLOW CARD
72 ‘Caglar Ilk and Armand Gnanduillet receive a yellow card in Altay
69 ‘Paixao and Kappel are leaving the game in Altay, the entrants are Eren Erdoğan and Çağlar Birinci
69 ‘Alperen and Onur Bayramoğlu are leaving the game in Eskişehirspor, and Buğra Çağlıyan and Bedirhan Akçay are replaced
68 ‘In our ball nets, defeat, we fell back 6-0
68 ‘Leandro Kappel carried the ball all the way to the penalty area, he takes a lobbing kick on his entry
64 ‘Mehmet Özcan receives a yellow card in Eskişehirspor
61 ‘İbrahim Halil Öner hit hard from outside the penalty area, Altay goalkeeper pulls a corner
54 ‘Furgan in the opponent penalty area, shoots, ball is narrowly auta
53 ‘In Altay, Ziya hits while entering our penalty area, the ball returned from the pole
48 ‘Altay: 5 – Eskisehirspor: 0
48 ‘Paixao scores his 4th goal in the match. Eskişehirspor fell behind 5-0
45 ‘In Eskişehirspor Kıvanç on the sidelines, İbrahim Halil Öner on the field
45 ‘The second half of the match started with Eskişehirspor’s kick-off FIRST HALF ENDED 45′ First half result, Altay: 4 – Eskişehirspor: 0
45 ‘The first half of the match is over
45 ‘Paixao is doing a hat trick, the ball is in our net again. 4th goal of Altay, 3rd goal of Paixao
40 ‘Paixao is in our penalty area again, facing Melih, passed him too, kicked, ball went out
35 ‘Altay: 3 – Eskisehirspor: 0
35 ‘Erhan met the ball in our penalty area, kicked it, the ball is in our net.
33 ‘Altay: 2 – Eskisehirspor: 0
33 ‘Again, Paixao met with the ball in our penalty area, hit the head and scored. We fell 2-0 behind
31 ‘Onur’dan middle, Mehmet met the ball in the penalty area, goal position but bad kick, out of the way.
29 ‘Altay: 1 – Eskisehirspor: 0
29 ‘Paixao met with the ball in our penalty area again, kicked it, ball in our net, goal.
26 ‘With Paixao in our penalty area, Altay hit, the ball is in our net, but the referee says offside again.
24 ‘Free kick was used, ball bouncing from heads, carom, referee stopped the game, we have the ball, Melih will start the game.
23 ‘Altay won a free kick from the middle of our half.
22 ‘Paixao centered, Özgür Özkaya could not hit the penalty area, we take the ball away, Altaylı players are waiting for a penalty.
16 ‘Altay attack, middle came, Sezgin sends the ball to a corner
15 ‘Altai attack, in our ball nets, the referee says offside
12 ‘Furgan Polat is on the field instead of the injured Bedirhan
13 ‘İbrahim Öztürk hits the ball from the corner and the ball comes out.
12 ‘Kappel centered in our penalty area, defensive corner send

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