Galatasaray Club President Mustafa Cengiz spoke about the agenda at the signing ceremony of the women’s volleyball team. Stating that the figures should be announced regarding Fenerbahçe’s transfer to Mame Thiam, Cengiz wished Mensah and Beşiktaş wholehearted success.

Mustafa Cengiz made statements regarding the agenda at the signing ceremony of the Galatasaray HDI Sigorta Women’s Volleyball Team. Answering the question about Fenerbahçe’s not paying a testimonial for Mame Thiam, which he transferred from Kasımpaşa, Cengiz said, “If we knew that this was the case, we would pay a price for Fatih Öztürk. Fenerbahçe is our most valuable rival. I am a person who respects the Fenerbahçe community very much. I don’t make a mistake. “We expect the same behavior from the opponents”

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Cengiz, who continued his words by stating that the referee made mistakes last year, said, “People just don’t shout when they make a mistake. let others see the pain they have suffered. Is there any mistake made? We don’t know. We haven’t seen the special contract. Open the cost of Fatih Öztürk. We ıkla. If I expect the same behavior from valuable competing communities, is it an insult to that community, no. This determines the attitude of those administrations. Why don’t you explain how much you got? Explain that you fulfill your manners and responsibility to those people who love you, support you in the stadium, and sometimes give the last penny in their pocket. What’s wrong with that? As the Galatasaray community, we respect all communities. The stronger and better quality our competitor is, the stronger and more qualified we are. It spoils the hard game. I’m not saying ‘there is something’. If we did, warn. There are some rumors, it should not be done. Once mistakes start, they go like a chain. Then those who do not cheat-i şeriyye are called ‘incompetent’. This is a very dangerous development. We should not be such an example to society. I’m not saying ‘they did this’ but we hear big rumors. I don’t want to set out with these. I do not believe that they will take this road, and I do not want to believe it. “I sincerely wish success to both Beşiktaş and Mensah. It is very wrong to say ‘we are right, we are honest’. It is a ritual, one is not taken into account. What matters is what is done in practice. We believe we are correct. Others may see it wrong. We respect him too. We wish success, but we believe that we did not do anything wrong with anyone. ”

Cengiz also added that the withholding tax regulation should be postponed for another 1-2 years in terms of contribution to amateur sports. – İSTANBUL

Source: İHA

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