Hayat Neccar, a Syrian national, lost her life in Sancaktepe, Istanbul, 1 year old. His parents were detained in connection with the death of the child whose body was beating marks. The exact cause of death of the 1-year-old baby will be determined after the autopsy.

The incident took place in Abdurrahmangazi District. Avsar 3-storey building in the street live on the top floor of Syrian nationals smallest of the family’s four children suffer from respiratory distress allegedly hours Life Najjar night 1 year old.

terrified middle of the street! Turkey

Family Life Najjar first as Martyr Prof. Dr. İlhan Varank brought it to Sancaktepe Training and Research Hospital. Neccar was transferred from here to a hospital in Çekmeköy. One-year-old child could not be saved despite all the interventions.

The medical teams, who saw that there were various marks on Neccar’s body, informed the police teams about the situation. Sancaktepe District Police Department teams, who started an investigation into the incident, took Hayat Neccar’s mother and father and their neighbors to the Sancaktepe District Police Department to take their statements.

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Neighborhood residents Hayat claimed to have kept Neccar under custody for a short time and then returned him to the family. It was learned that the exact cause of death of Hayat Neccar will be revealed as a result of the autopsy. Investigation into the incident continues.

Neighborhood resident Yılmaz Aslan said, “I know the family very well. They had four children. His youngest child was uncomfortable. He was constantly going to the hospital. I was shocked when I heard about this incident.” said. Saying that Social Services kept Hayat Neccar under surveillance for a short time, Aslan said, “They complained about this issue. He said I would take care of my own child.” He spoke.

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