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A National Team Coach Şenol Güneş spoke after the German match phase. & Nbsp; Güneş, who evaluated the match, said, “We played with a Germany with high profile players and a football school, they did not play many of their players. We wanted to rest some players, we wanted to see some. We have done their best, both in Germany, it was a game that was fun to watch. We tried to play our own game, but we also had a mistake. Our pressure was good in the front but we had problems preventing the opponent from getting too fast. Our tie is good for morale but it will put more on it. Our main goal is to prepare our team competitively for the World Cup qualifiers. We are in a better position than the first games, but there is a fluctuation. We have very shaky players, we expect them to be ready. Some of them do not play, some have worked less because of the transfer. Our message to our people is that we are a good team. He said, we’ll do good work but we’ll never stop fighting. . “CRITICAL FIELDS PLAY BEAUTIFUL” Experienced coach, who pointed out that the criticized names in the club teams play well, “We are in a better position than in September. This match doesn’t matter, it doesn’t bring any points as a result. The Russian match is very important in the League of Nations. Then there is the Serbia match. We go out to win every match. There are not many players from the opponent’s ideal squad, but these players are also the players of the future and very talented, very expensive players. I see that our players who are criticized in our league play very well, this is good for me. When asked about the performance of Fecan Karaca, the experienced teacher said, “I am very pleased with Efecan, but he is not a new player. Our player who is with us, knows the team spirit. Speaking about Ozan Tufan, Şenol Güneş said, “Ozan was playing, he was good, but Efecan did successful things, he worked extraordinarily. I think Ozan will put on much more, he will put it on as he plays, as long as he does not see himself sufficient. He’s an actor who opens up as he plays. “


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