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Anadolu Efes, forcing his opponent to lose ball with the hard defense he applied in the first part of the match, caught a 10 point difference in the 6th minute with the baskets he recorded from outside and under the rim: 13-3. In the remaining part, Anadolu Efes scored points from the free throw line against Türk Telekom, which reduced the difference with the baskets it found from behind the 3-point line and from the painted area, and finished the first quarter ahead 19-13. In the 15th minute, he increased the difference to 18 points: 35-17. Türk Telekom, which caught a 9-0 run in front of the dark blue-white team, which returned from the attack attempts one after the other without scoring, reduced the difference to single digits in the 19th minute: 35-26. Anadolu Efes went 40-29 ahead in the locker room. Türk Telekom started the third period very quickly and was effective under the rim with Eric, taking the difference to 3 points in the 23rd minute: 42-39. Anadolu Efes, recovering with the successive baskets of Pleiss, caught a 10-point lead in the 25th minute: 52-42. Although Türk Telekom reduced the difference up to 2 points in the remaining part, especially with Can Korkmaz’s contribution on offense, Anadolu Efes was ahead 61-57 in the final period. slowed down and entered the 33rd minute 67-59 superior. Türk Telekom responded to Anadolu Efes’ baskets recorded with Micic with the points of Can Korkmaz. The away team brought the balance to the score in the 37th minute with the points that Samet Geyik scored from a basket foul: 72-72. The remaining episode witnessed great excitement. Responding to the points Türk Telekom scored with Ennis, Can Korkmaz and Samet Geyik, especially with the baskets recorded by Micic from the free throw line, Anadolu Efes won the game 83-78.


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