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Anadolu Efes Men’s Basketball Team Head Coach Ergin Ataman said that they started the season ambitiously. & Nbsp; The experienced head coach answered the questions of the press members at the blue-white team’s media day organized for the THY European League. He evaluated the goals in the European League and the developments related to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic. CSKA Moscow made very important transfers. Armani Milano made flash transfers. Real Madrid and Barcelona are at the same level. 18 teams that started the THY Europa League. 12 of them entered the season with Final Four and championship goals I think. ” “I expect Larkin to be launched in Turkish status” Ergin Ataman said that they are waiting for Shane Larkin to start the season with a Turkish status, who was previously a Turkish citizen but should start the season with foreign status because he did not play in the National Basketball Team. Reminding that he could not wear the jersey due to the postponement of national matches due to the coronavirus epidemic, Ataman said, “Larkin received a Turkish passport last year with the intense interest and personal participation of both the Turkish people and our President and our Minister. at the moment because the play does not play in the Turkish status. If the start of the season outsider status can not go back to the Turkish status. Larkin is a team process that Turkey had to be made tangible sacrifices. All the sacrifices made Anadolu Efes Club. Larkin’s in an environment that led to the cancellation of the league in Turkey Turkish stat Waiting for it to launch at the base. In this regard, Turkey Basketball Federation We look forward to the decision of the Board of Directors. “The assessment found.” Champions League last year suffered a great misfortune, “Experienced Başantrenör, Europa League management of TK European League of the need to finish this season in any condition belirtti.thy the European League Emphasizing that it could not be completed last season due to the coronavirus, Ataman said, “The European League had a great misfortune last year. No matter how much they stand behind their decisions, I don’t think that the Europa League managers and those who decided to cancel the season are not very happy. I think the European League has missed a great opportunity. Therefore, they have to play this season in every way. All major sports organizations in Europe started. The Europa League could not end last season, and if it cannot start and play this season, it will not be believable. It has a very serious audience. If it does, it will lose its credibility. I think that the Europa League management understands that he has to play and end this league. “


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