It was written that Galatasaray’s Algerian star Sofiane Feghouli gave her yellow and red club FIFA for their receivables.

According to news of El Moudjahid from the Algerian press, April It is claimed that Feghouli, who has not been able to collect his receivables since February, applied to FIFA after the deadline he gave to the club. News also allegedly sent a message to the President that he did not accept the salary reduction because they would receive it at the end of April.

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Galatasaray management was said to allow the Algerian player to go to any club he wishes under these conditions. In this process, it was stated that the Saudi Arabian club Al Nasr made an offer of 4.5 million euros, but was not accepted, and many Arab clubs, as well as Fenerbahçe, made an offer.

According to the allegations, Feghouli is from Fenerbahçe. It has been stated that they want to accept the offer.

Feghouli is told that Arab clubs and Fenerbahçe, as well as Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Genoa from Italy are also suited to El Moudjahid’s news Written in inde.

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