While the world is struggling with the scourge of the corona virus infecting more than 33 million people, on the other hand, claims of possible new epidemics do not fall from the agenda of the international public.

The ‘bubonic plague’ seen in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in July. cases resurfaced. According to Sözcü’s report; This year, 22 suspected cases were identified in Mongolia, related to the disease known as ‘black death’ that caused death within 24 hours if left untreated.

Six of these cases were confirmed, a 38-year-old man in Hövsgöl, Three people died, including a 15-year-old boy in Gobi-Altay and a 42-year-old man on Hovd.

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17 regions at risk

According to the Daily Star the last case is a 25 year old woman appeared in Chovd. The woman, who became ill after eating an infected marmot, was diagnosed with “bubonic plague” as a result of the tests. The woman and 19 people she was in contact with were quarantined.

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Authorities announced that they were on the fourth level alert, and warned that 17 of the 21 regions were at risk of ‘bubonic plague’.

Hunting ban was imposed

As long as the warnings continued, hunting and eating of animals likely to carry the disease was prohibited.

According to the World Health Organization, bubonic plague, fleas and wild rodents are smearing. If a timely and effective treatment is not applied, it can lead to death within 24 hours.

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Painful swelling and discharge

In the symptoms of the disease, bacteria Painful swelling and inflammation are seen in the lymph nodes closest to where it enters the body. In later stages, inflamed lymph nodes open and become flowing. If the treatment is not started immediately, the bacteria can spread all over the body and turn into lung and septicemic form

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