The former President of Trabzonspor, İbrahim Hacıosmanoğlu, made statements about Trabzonspor’s separation from Ünal Karaman. Hacıosmanoğlu, reacting to Ünal Karaman’s statement, “I will be caught in the throats of those who try to eat me”, called for unity together.

Here are the statements of Hacıosmanoğlu:

“The disturbances experienced in Trabzonspor last night are of course annoying us too. Unal Hodja is a good person, we worked with him too, but When you look at the current table, they have a very high quality staff. There are many people who have financial and moral support to this team from the president to the management. A team that has received more support than it has ever seen in its history. You are having their worst season. There was the only sadness we experienced last year. We could not win all the matches we won in the season when we will be champions by far. Anyway, we said we will gain experience, we said we will train teachers, but we started this season again, our competitors are in bad shape.

Kayseri is our brother Our team did not suit us throwing 6. But there is a reality of Trabzonspor, which in 13 out of 16 matches failed to win. They should also be taken into account when reacting in public. Unal is our son. we say. This community is also waiting for the championship, these investments are made for him. In order to fill the professor’s deficiency in reading and guiding the team on the field, the issue that I am a foundation of today has made me very sad.

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A teacher who has absorbed Trabzonspor so much should be very careful when talking about the presidency of Trabzonspor. The sentences he used did not suit Unal teacher either. He also feels the need to correct them. It is very ugly when he speaks to the Trabzonspor presidency as “I will stay in the throat of those who try to eat me, I will be fishy”, no matter what forces are behind him. Speaking these words will remain under those words.

So I want to call the community. There is a second period that Trabzonspor will live in front of us, not in line with the thought of those who made the organizing element for this business to interfere with Trabzonspor against Ahmet and the president and the people who have given him unlimited financial and moral support until today. How can we bring this team to the championship in that period? Now is the time for one day so that these efforts do not go to waste. The roads are separated with the teacher. How can we make Trabzonspor champion from now on? Let’s support this. Let’s be happy at the end of the season. ”

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