Drawing attention with his assists in Galatasaray this season, Ömer Bayram gave an interview to the press Netherlands . Stating that a member of his family had a coronavirus, Ömer also stated that it was difficult to return to football this year. Speaking to the Dutch press, Ömer Bayram said about the postponement of the leagues due to the coronavirus, “To be honest, I do not think that football will be played this year. Neither in August nor September.”

Ömer said, “With two clicks, I can order what I want from the phone, Many people cannot do this. We footballers should never forget how lucky we are. What if you don’t have a job, you can’t afford the rent and the meals? In my case, I want and do something for people who have difficulty. I think it is my duty to help. “
After coming from Akhisaspor, the 28-year-old player who stated that he had difficulty in his first year in Galatasaray said, “My whole football life is a transformation. It took a while to get used to it. I wanted to do a lot in the club I dreamed of playing as a child, but this was against me. I believed in what I could do. This was a great season. I was as free as a bird. I learned lessons, became mentally and physically strong. Now childhood. I’m playing like I do. ” He spoke.

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Ömer Bayram, who was asked his opinion on the postponement of EURO 2020, stated that one of his family had a coronavirus, “Football comes second, those related to the coronavirus are much more important now. One in my family has a corona. Europe. The championship has been recorded for a year. How often does a player have a chance to go to the European Championship? The truth is, the situation is desperate right now. ” said.

The successful player of Galatasaray said, “Staying at home is the best option, the only solution. Now we have talked about a few things but there is much more than football. What about small businesses? How will they keep their heads above water? All economy” will die. We are entertainers, so it makes sense that football is the last thing to turn around. I know our club may have to pay back season tickets, while millions are spent on player salaries. ” finished by saying.

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