Continuing its staffing efforts for the new season, Beşiktaş made an important boost to the midfield. The black and white team officially announced Bernard Mensah from Kayserispor, to whom Galatasaray also showed interest.

The way the club’s transfer statement drew attention, while the black and white people referred to Galatasaray. The transfer was announced on 19.05 on Twitter . Mensah referred to Türk Telekom Stadium over Vodafone Park, saying, “When I look out of the window of the house, it was not for me to see a highway. My house should have been by the sea”, referring to the Türk Telekom Stadium over Vodafone Park.

Pay attention to the importance of house and community in Mensah’s video that broke records. He was taken and said, “The house is not a concrete pile for me. When its door is closed, it is the place where all the problems stay outside and you feel yourself belonging. It is a warm home where sometimes pain and sometimes great happiness are experienced … The house is a temple that is reached with great enthusiasm while life progresses on its normal course. It is not enough to sleep and wake up. Sometimes you want to spend minutes and hours. Sometimes even that is not enough. It is not enough to be big. The contents are also the important one. There is a new house that has been moved with enthusiasm. In this house where dreams are dreamed in order to be happy, where great efforts are made to make it come true. When I looked out the window of the house, it was not for me to see a highway. My house should have been by the sea. I am Bernard Mensah, my home is Beşikt. exceed! ” His words took place.

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The Ghanaian star said that his dreams came true after his transfer and said, “It is proud to be a part of a big club like Beşiktaş. It was my dream to be in such a place. The interest and support I saw when I arrived shows that I am in the right place. Here. Speaking about the PAOK match, Mensah said, “Our dream is to win the PAOK match and stay in the groups. Playing in the Champions League is the dream of every footballer. Our common dream is in this direction.” Mensah, who also sent a message to Beşiktaş fans, ended his statements with the words “Beşiktaş supporters are very special. They deserve the best of everything. I am grateful to them. I will try to please them by doing my best.”

Mensah, Hes Kablo Kayserispor He played 25 games in the Super League, scored 5 goals and gave the pass of 8 goals.

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