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National basketball, UNICEF Representative in Turkey attended by Philippe Duamelle and a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) because of the video conferencing system at a press conference organized by the “National Goodwill Ambassador” was appointed. & nbsp; Cedi Osman, who started his speech by thanking the UNICEF family, said, “I am very happy and proud to be here. Our paths crossed with the UNICEF family two years ago, and we had really great activities during this time. I want to be part of it. ” used the expressions. The national basketball player said that he took a great responsibility and believed that he would carry it in the best way. & Nbsp; Cedi Osman asked a student who attended a press conference from Gaziantep how he carried out education and sports together, and said: Yes, we do sports, but when we reach an age, we have to say goodbye to him. Education always follows us throughout our life. I am 25 years old and still continue my education, I learn new things. “My dream was to be a pilot.” To a question about the dreams of a national basketball player, “I dreamed of being a pilot even though my parents were former basketball players. It would sound cool. It would have crossed the mind of every kid. Then I set goals for myself. My biggest goal was to play in the NBA, and this journey has never been y did not happen. You have to work hard. Professional sports may seem easy on the outside, but it is not like that. Millions of people dream the same, few can achieve it. ”Cedi Osman replied,“ When we went to Gaziantep, we played basketball with children, they all had a great self-confidence. They were saying, ‘Brother, let’s play a match’. It is a very nice and unforgettable memory that they have that self-confidence from a young age and said, ‘It doesn’t matter who you are, I want to play with you.’ I want. We have very talented athletes in our country. Sometimes conditions do not allow, they have to quit. I will try to reach as many children as I can. If a child says ‘I want to be like Cedi’, that’s enough for me. I hope they will be more successful than me, I just want them to be happy. This is the reason why I founded the academy. “


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