Galatasaray’s former player Lukas Podolski , attention to the transfer of Sinan Gümüş to Fenerbahçe , who played together in both Antalyaspor and yellow-reds He made attractive statements. Answering the questions of Fanatik , the world-famous German football player said “If I were, I would never go to Fenerbahçe as Podolski” and stated that it is not right to switch to the arch-rival like this transfer.

35-year-old player “Sinan Gümüş is my very good friend and we played together in Galatasaray. He was already on loan in Antalya. He used his choice in favor of another team. I wish him success. But if I were in his place, I would never go to Fenerbahçe as Podolski. Of course this. my thoughts. after playing in Galatasaray years in Cologne or in Turkey, in Germany, go to clubs who compete with these teams does not sound right to me. of course this is my opinion. others do not know what to do. Everyone may think very different about it and I respect many different thoughts. He expressed his wife.

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Podolski, who evaluated the new transfer of Antalyaspor, stated that he found the comments made stupid and said “Nuri is a player with great experience. A very good transfer and a quality name. He is only 31 years old and I think he will do very important things in football for 3-4 years and he will make important contributions to us. I hope we will be a good team together with him and other players. We have a relationship. We haven’t talked about the past incident. There were some comments on social media, but these are stupid people’s comments. “clarified the issue with his words.

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