The incident took place on Maltepe Mahallesi Davutpaşa Street around 06.45 am. Allegedly, he worked in a factory located on the street learned Muharram Dikbaş, fired at the same factory worker friend Erol Sayin a pistol.

lost his life baby life! Turkey

many bullets hit the Count’s body on the ground covered in blood The attacker Muharrem Dikbaş tried to escape from the scene while falling. Police teams working at the Merkezefendi Police Station near the street rushed to the scene after gunfire.

Dikbaş, who tried to escape, was caught with his gun and taken into custody. The suspect was taken to the Merkezefendi Police Station Chief.

See where the child went missing for three days wanted? Turkey

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The scene with the notice of the police team was dispatched medical teams. During the control made by the health teams, it was determined that Erol Sayın died at the scene. The police took the crime scene within a security strip. Crime scene investigation teams conducted a search for evidence in the area for a while. After the examination, Sayın’s funeral was taken to the morgue of the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute. Speaking about the incident, Turhan Dikmegül said, “I heard the sound of a gun, I ran. One person was shooting from close range. The police caught the person who ran away. The man was on the ground when we came to him,” he said. The police started a study on the murder.

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