Mbaye Diagne , which Galatasaray rented to the Belgian team Club Brugge, News spoke to Turkey. Senegalese striker “I extend my greetings to all of Turkey. Thank you for this interview. Yes, I am staying in the moment Bruges. Unfortunately we do not leave the house, but I live here my individual training. Sometimes I’m jogging near my home.” said.

Star player, “ Coronavirus is really an extraordinary event and it affected us all. While following News , I first learned that Abdurrahim Albayrak was infected with coronavirus. He is a person I love very much and I was touched when I got this news … Of course we do not want it to be with anyone but especially when it comes to loved ones around you, this disease inevitably becomes more upset. I learned that the term of the test’s positive. I’m really sorry for it. Fatih Terim everyone knows what you have done for Turkish football. Fatih Terim is a brand to Turkey, and everyone knows how high quality. because of Fatih teacher I was also very impressed He’s a very special person to me. ” used the expressions.

“You stated that you did not want to leave Galatasaray at the beginning of the season, but you were transferred to Club Brugge. When asked what you felt while going,” Diagne said, “First of all, I was surprised. Because we won the league and the cup and I did not expect it. However. We all know that sometimes such situations can be experienced in football. Galatasaray got a new number 9 and I had stated that I wanted to play. Then, when I saw that I would not have the chance to play in Galatasaray, I chose to go to Club Brugge because they were also in the Champions League. I saw it as a departure and I was going to go on a rental basis. When I came to the break, I went to Senegal and stayed there for a month because I was waiting for a transfer offer. I want to get my salary and play. ” gave the answer.

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Diagne, “I could go to China, Brazil, Korea and the United States. I could also return to Galatasaray. But I didn’t know exactly what Galatasaray wanted. Still, I expected a move from Galatasaray, but they could make more moves.” Because I wanted to leave Brugge, China was suitable for me. Because I could play there and I thought it would not be difficult because I lived before. Actually, the transfer was okay for everyone, but this didn’t happen after the coronavirus came out. ” used the expressions.

Senegalese star said, “If Galatasaray called me because of the foreign limit, one person would come out of the squad. I could not return because it was not easy to happen. Since I did not want to stay in Brugge, the best thing was to go to a very different team that I could play. They would get my testimony. Since the league calendar is very different in China, the best was not sold anyway. I love Galatasaray fans very much. I feel deeply the love they show. Their love helped me a lot when I had bad situations. I am grateful to them… I am now a player of Galatasaray and I will return. “I couldn’t show the performance I did in Kasımpaşa, in Istanbul. I stayed there for only 6 months, but I want to stay longer. Because I really want to show what I can do.” he concluded his words.

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