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İrfan YİRMİBEŞ / SÖZCÜ Diego Perotti is one of the Argentines who has added value to European football in the last 10 years. However, due to injuries during his career in Sevilla, Genoa and Rome, he was little able to reflect his true quality on the pitch. He proved how talented he is with his contribution to the score in the matches he wore.

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Perotti has the typical characteristic of Argentine football: both strong and technical. Another feature of him is that he can play in different positions. The finishing feature of the center draws attention.

Fenerbahçe management finalized the transfer after requesting the detailed health reports of the experienced star. Perotti is a player worth the risk, even if his injuries raise a question mark. With the features of the inverted winger, it can be the nightmare of rival fullbacks.


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