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Scoutium, which serves clubs to discover new athletes, and Beşiktaş JK, the first and leading club of the Turkish sports community, realized a high quality cooperation for the future of Turkish football. I scout along with actual agreement, U19, U17, U15, hundreds match in U16 and U14 category 90-minute video and the analysis made by the scout’s players thousands who play in this match over Besiktas jk’y system to transmit digitally.

With this cooperation, Turkey’s The opportunity to access the analyzes prepared by the Scoutium scout team will be provided through 90-minute videos shot by more than 150 video experts from 81 provinces. Clubs will have the opportunity to access the analysis of all football players at low cost and discover young talents with the appropriate fees they will pay for the matches and player analysis they can access through the system. On the other hand, players will have the chance to see their good and shortcomings by taking 90-minute videos and analysis from the system, to improve themselves and to be discovered by receiving notification when they are watched by the clubs.

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Beşiktaş JK’s Board Member Responsible for Infrastructure Fırat Fidan said that emphasized that they have priority in quality. Fidan said, “Developing our cooperation with Scoutium, which enables us to reach the developing world and video analysis through the digital platform, on the field of football and team analysis, we can see the 90-minute videos of hundreds of matches in the U19, U17, U16, U15 and U14 categories and the analysis made by scouts of thousands of players playing in these matches. We will be able to watch it digitally. This will provide our club with a high quality initiative in discovering young talents playing in all relevant age groups. Under the foreign border decision and the current economic conditions, the highest quality starting point of Turkish sports, especially football, is to train players from the infrastructure. Using the Scoutium system, we aim to create the best squad and contribute to the development of Turkish football, especially our club. We conducted with Scout’m in this framework, this agreement is of great importance in terms of us to discover new talent, “he said.

Turkey’s one of the fundamental community, which pointed out that they are quite happy because the agreement they made with Besiktas Scout CEO Efe Aydın said,” Earlier this year, We had an agreement with Beşiktaş for competitor analysis in lower age categories. Now we are expanding the scope of our cooperation with the new agreement. We are very proud of this. Our clubs will now attach more importance to infrastructure due to the foreign border decision and current economic conditions. Beşiktaş is a club that has achieved high quality success, especially in the 90s, with the players it raised through its equity scheme. With this agreement, we will continue to contribute to Beşiktaş and Turkish football ”.


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