Coach Mustafa Ozer, who was the target of criticism arrows in Eskişehirspor , reacted to the criticisms on social media and the press and the heavy comments made about some football players. Özer stated that his love for Eskişehirspor cannot be discussed and that the city and the team have a very special importance for him for years. “I served without being discouraged!”
“I took on the task without paying attention to the economic conditions Eskişehirspor was in,” said Özer, saying, “Despite the players who left the team during the break, the players who were excluded from the squad for 6 weeks until the end of the season, and many other negativities, I worked tirelessly for the future of our club. At the beginning of the new season, despite the players leaving and not returning from the team, we have prepared for the league in the best way with our team at the beginning of our duty 24 hours a day, ”he said. If I thought of myself …
Technical boss Özer said, “We filled the place of 18 players who left the team by taking our ball collector kids into the squad from the infrastructure. I have never looked at the score in matches. I didn’t think about myself. If I were a self-minded person, I wouldn’t send 18 footballers. Now we are criticized for not winning the team. Our football players are exposed to heavy criticism and comments. I don’t want anyone to defend me or our footballers. ” The club is in debt trap
Saying “The facts of the club are obvious,” Özer said, “The economic situation of the club and its debt swamp are known by everyone. In our club, where we have been in need of bread and water until yesterday, the management struggles to keep the flag alive and to keep the club alive. We support this fight with technical men and footballers in the best possible way. ” Those who do this should be asked to account!
Özer said, “Those who criticize us on social media know the facts of course. But it’s easy to criticize us. Those who put the club in debt of 300 million TL and those who prepared the wreck of today are not criticized. To save the present and the future, those who work devotedly are held to account. Not from us, but from those who brought the club to this situation and left 300 million debts, they should be asked to account.
Lastly, saying “We do not take shelter in excuses”, Özer said, “In a process where we are deprived of our fans, especially the criticisms made on social media affect the team and us negatively. Our job is difficult, not easy. We have tough matches ahead of us. We cannot get through these difficult days by dividing. We must be one. “Unity and solidarity must continue from now on, just as the whole community has survived with the integrity of the fans in recent years.”

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