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In the third week of Spor Toto Super League, Konyaspor hosted Beşiktaş on the field. Finally, Beşiktaş, who said goodbye to Europe, was also the party that lost the road from Konya tonight. While Konya got the first three points with this result, black and whites remained at 4 points. Here are the developments from the Konyaspor Beşiktaş match and the summary of the match…


-Minutes 25 ′ Both teams have a hard time searching for a position in the match, which is at a low tempo.

-GOL! Beşiktaş’s defense was caught off guard at the corner kick used by Konyaspor. Ömer Ali Şahiner, who noticed the disorganized defense of Beşiktaş, who was delayed in returning back, centered him incredibly quickly, the score was 1-0 with Levan Shengelia’s head goal! Beşiktaş was the only team in the Super League that did not score a goal from the corner organization last season.

-Minute 46 ′ Beşiktaş started the second half with player changes. Vida, instead of Wellinton, new transfer Aboubakar joins the game instead of Atakan Üner.

Photo: Depophotos

-Minutes 48 ′ Adem Ljajic, who hangs behind the defense on Aboubakar’s pass, scored the ball over the goalkeeper but the linesman detected offside and canceled the goal.

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-GOL! Meeting with the ball in Beşiktaş half court in Konyaspor’s incredibly fast attack, Artem Kravets entered the penalty area from the left wing. Faced with goalkeeper Ersin, Kravets sent the ball to the net with a hard shot, although the angle was closed and the score was 2-0. Konyaspor’s second shot that found the goal resulted in a goal.

-GOL! Another defensive mistake in Beşiktaş! Intervening in Vida’s back pass, Kravets gave the pass to his vacant teammate Shengelia. Shengelia made the score 3-0 with a no-delay shot.

-GOL! After Domagoj Vida made a penalty, Kravets, who was on the ball, scored the goal that made the score 4-0. The Ukrainian striker scored his fourth goal in the last 4 games against Beşiktaş.

-GOL! Gökhan Töre, who entered the penalty area with the ball from the right wing, got out of his opponents and threw the ball into the nets with his kick: 4-1

BEŞİKTAŞ DEFENSE SHIPPING! stamped. In the 78th minute of the match, Vida’s pass, who wanted to return to goalkeeper Ersin, intervened, grabbed the ball and transferred it to Shengelia in the penalty area. Shengelia, on the other hand, made the score 3-0 with a shot without waiting.

5 minutes after this position, Domagoj Vida was on the stage again. Croatian stopper who caused a penalty after his intervention against Farouk Miya, who met with the ball in the penalty area, was punished with a yellow card. Kravets, who was in charge of the ball, made the score 4-0 by sending the ball to the net and scored his fourth goal in his fourth match against Beşiktaş.


Cameroon striker Vincent Aboubakar, who was added to Beşiktaş’s squad, was the first took part in the staff. In the 2016-2017 season, the 28-year-old centrofor, wearing a black and white jersey, scored 19 goals in 38 matches in all lanes.


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