In Akhisarspor, where 13 football players left due to financial and administrative crises in the TFF 1st League, only 2 names remained from the squad that won double cups in 2018.

02.10.2020, 13:50

Akhisar, a district team from Manisa, took part in the Super League for 7 years between 2012-2019, and experienced the brightest period in its history in 2018. Agriculture, Turkey Cup semi-finals in that period dealt with the Akigo Galatasaray, lifted the trophy for the first time in the history passed the 3-2’yl Fenerbahce finals in Diyarbakir on May 10, 2018. Next season league champion Galatasaray at the beginning of last August 5 2018 siyahlılar the green-final opponent in Konya, took a double victory in the Super Cup rivals with the series 6-5 beating suffered penalty shootout.
Turkey Cup success in the 2018-19 season for the first time participated in the UEFA Champions League Akhisarspor representing the group of our country, the same season, Turkey Cup and Super Cup at Galatasaray again in the final ass-print in the season end seven years later taste the pain of the fall from the Super League. In Akhisar, where names such as Fatih Öztürk, Muğdat, Soner, Bilal, Caner, Olcan, Mustafa Yumlu, Ömer Bayram, Seleznyov, Barbosa, Sissoko, Lopes, Serginho from the legendary squad previously left, the team fell into the 1st League for another year. Aykut, Onur and Eray, who stayed in the kindergarten, broke their ties with the club during this transfer period. In the current squad of Akhisar, only captain Kadir, who has been in the team since 2014, and Lukac, who has been playing since 2015, remained of the team that won double trophies in Akhisar’s current squad. br>
Hasan Ali Adıgüzel, who was injured three times in a row at the beginning of his career in Akhisarspor, played in the league match in front of Balıkesirspor after 2.5 years. 20-year-old star candidate Hasan Ali, who grew up in the infrastructure in Akhisar and wore the Junior National uniform 44 times, played in 4 league and 8 cup matches in the 2016-17 season. The midfielder, who was injured and operated on before the first week of the 2017-18 season, was able to return to the field in the last week, while he was expected to play in the first 11 of the first week of that season. As soon as he recovered and started straight running, he had the same nightmare in training in April 2019. Hasan Ali, who could not return to the team in the middle of the last season after being operated for the third time and played in the league, played in the last 7 minutes in front of Balıkesir last week, 2.5 years after the Ottomanspor appointment played in the Super League on May 18, 2018. On the other hand, Ali Kaan, one of the young talents of Akhisar, was invited to the candidate squad of the match that Umit National Team will play against England.

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