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In the 4th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Beşiktaş and Gençlerbirliği met at Vodafone Park. The Black & Whites, who closed the past week with a defeat, continued to lose points by defeating today’s match with a single goal. Here is a summary of the important positions and minutes of Beşiktaş Gençlerbirliği match…


1 başladı The match started with Beşiktaş’s kick.

GOAL! 8 ′ Gençlerbirliği went ahead 1-0 with the striker Stancu. The Romanian striker, who hit Furman’s right wing in the penalty area, recorded the first goal of Gençlerbirliği this season.

18 ′ Besiktas goalkeeper Ersin did not allow the goal in Candeais’s hard and effective shot from afar.

25 of the match While the minute is behind, Beşiktaş does not have a shot yet!

38 ′ Beşiktaş shot his first shot in the match with Montero, who hit the middle from the corner. The kick went auta from the side.

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40 ′ Rıdvan Yılmaz fell to the ground inside the penalty area. The referee Mete Kalkavan showed the young player a yellow card for throwing himself on the ground.

41 ′ Josef de Souza took a good shot from the distance. Goalkeeper Nordfeldt reached out and cornered the ball.

45 ′ Beşiktaş came with a danger with Gökhan. Nordfeldt, the goalkeeper of Gençlerbirliği, did not allow the Beşiktaş player who took the shot in the penalty area. Then the defense took away the danger.

Referee Mete Kalkavan blew the final whistle in the first half.

Photo: Depophotos

46 ′ The second half of the match started. Dorukhan Toköz was replaced by Mensah.

50 ′ Polomat saw a yellow card as soon as he fouled Necip

64 ′ While Boyd and Aboubakar left the game in Beşiktaş, Güven Yalçın and Larin joined the game.

65 ′ Gençlerbirliği is very close to the 2nd goal! Montero took Furman’s shot towards the nets above the line.

74 Welinton was injured in Beşiktaş. While Gökhan Töre left the game with the Brazilian center back, Ljajic and Hasic were included.

84 ′ In the middle of Rıdvan, Larin hit the head but the ball went to the goalkeeper Nordfeldt.

90 + 3 . Sio, who caught the defense two-by-one, faced goalkeeper Ersin, but couldn’t make the last kick. Sio, returning from Ersin in the first hopping attempt, sent the ball auta from the top in the second shot.


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