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We expected to return with 1 point
Making a statement to the 90 + 3 program, Akgören said, “We are going through a very troubled period. We lost the match, which we thought we would definitely leave the Ankaraspor match with a victory. We weren’t even thinking of a draw in this match. After that, we played a game with Adanaspor in the middle, the right of that match was a draw. We thought that we would return with at least 1 point from the Altay match. ” We went to revision .
Saying that the shortcomings are too many, Akgören said, “Alperen and Ekrem are back. We prepare them to play themselves. Alperen has not yet played, but he has to play, there were injuries in that position. It was positive in Alimi’s covid test. We did not take Hamed to Izmir for precautionary purposes. If these two had played in the Altay match, Alperen would not have played. We were lacking too much. You know, we made a big change in the squad in the last 6 matches of the last season. We did not play 6 ace players. In these matches, we made a revision in the squad to form the squad of the next season. ” We had a good start
Akgören said, “Mustafa Hodja has been my friend for a long time,” said Akgören, “I stood behind him because I was a guarantor of our teacher, his character, his knowledge of football. We had a very good start with his arrival. Except for the Adana Demirspor match, we exhibited a tooth-to-tooth fight in other matches and did not surrender. This year we wanted to make a brand new start. ” We could stand behind it
Saying that the Altay defeat is unacceptable, Akgören said, “If there was no 6-0 defeat, we could stand behind our teacher. There was no departure with our teacher among our future plans. But the defeat is not a result that we or our supporters can afford. I cannot digest Denizlispor defeats 15 years ago. I will never be able to digest this defeat. Money was not talked about neither at his arrival nor at his departure. ” There are many who want to come
Saying “We have to find a coach for Eskişehirspor urgently”, Akgören said; “We can draw a new road map for the teacher. We do not want a coach who works 2-3 teams in a season. We are for stability. It looks like it will take some time for us to choose the teacher. 8-10 teachers want to come to Eskişehirspor. We will scrutinize it and weave it frequently. We will find someone who suits Eskişehirspor. “ They will be in favor of experience
Stating that they will work with a more experienced trainer, Akgören said, “We have written 50 teachers on the list, among them 2 from Eskişehir. We eliminated one of them. We used our right, a young success-hungry teacher, with Mustafa Özer. We will use our current right in favor of a more experienced teacher. Umraniye ma

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